My name is Sarah. I’m officially 30-something and I’m a Kansas expat living in New Mexico with my partner and my cat.

I ran a beauty blog for a year. Prior to that I left my stain on a variety of blogging platforms; my longest relationship was with LiveJournal in my late teens and early twenties. But you know, I miss writing and I don’t feel like caging my story within one genre of blog.

This isn’t a life and style blog. This isn’t a beauty blog. This isn’t a travel blog. Frankly, this blog and the girl who runsĀ it isn’t glamorous, isn’t living a life punctuated with French phrases, faerie lights, and pastel aesthetics. This blog and the girl who runs it is broken and bruised, but sometimes, she soars.

I write about anxiety. Depression. Good experiences and bad. And sometimes I write about beauty.

It’s nice to meet you.