Not Your Kind of People

Okay, so usually I save beauty related posts for Friday but this one I won’t schedule in advance because I feel like it needs to be said.


Last week Jeffree Star brought the hammer down on Too Faced for its questionable business practices. He criticized the co-owner, Jarrod Blandino, for shading Tarte in an Instagram post (so professional) and for allegedly taking advantage of YouTuber NikkiTutorials.


Kind of dramatic, but this is the beauty world. It runs on drama and I thought little of Jeffree’s criticisms until shit began to really hit the fan.


Now, for years consumers have begun to criticize Too Faced and the quality of its cosmetics, especially their limited edition eyeshadows. Their permanent collection appears fine in terms of quality. However their limited edition palettes and collections leave a lot to be desired. Poor pigmentation, chalky and dry formulations – completely valid concerns. Well documented too; do a Google search on Too Faced quality and you will find these very concerns with photographs to match.


The NikkiTutorials collaboration that Too Faced released last year is no exception. While a few reported on receiving a fantastic product, the majority received something far less than the $56 USD price tag would suggest. Pigment was poor, colors were chalky and thin, etc. etc. etc.


And so they complained.


NikkiTutorials couldn’t do anything to rectify the situation.


Too Faced WOULDN’T do anything to rectify the situation.


And that’s all I want to say about that, because the rest is on Google.


So last week, comments and criticisms for Too Faced began popping up on Instagram. And rather than Too Faced, you know, address the controversy that was beginning to swirl madly around them they decided to do something better – delete all negative comments and then BLOCK users who made those comments.


I was one of them.


My comment was not in regards to Jeffree Star or his accusations. My comment was not to defend NikkiTutorials. My comment was shaming this multi-million dollar international brand for insulting its consumers by hiding bad press. My comment was shaming this multi-million dollar international brand for acting two-faced. My comment was shaming this multi-million dollar international brand for taking the route preferred by 12 year old middle school girls – delete and block, delete and block, put your head in the sand and kiss the asses of those who still love you.


In true two-faced fashion, Too Faced deleted my comment (as well as dozens of other negative comments) and then blocked me.


Cute, right?


So I checked out Jarrod Blandino’s page. He had posted a cheerful image, thanking everyone for their support. Except…comments were being deleted. Dozens of comments. 122 turned into 114, turned into 103…went up to 116, down 110…


“He’s deleting negative comments…” was all I had posted.


Minutes later, the co-owner of Too Faced BLOCKED me as well.


I have been purchasing Too Faced cosmetics since 2012. In fact, they were one of my first prestige brands. I purchased the Natural Eye palette and I was in love. The quality was superb. The shades were soft and blended magnificently. I’ve purchased a lot of Too Faced since then. Eyeshadow palettes, eyeliner, mascara, liquid lipsticks, even their foundation and concealer. I loved it all (minus the foundation and concealer but it just didn’t work with my skin).


For a brand as large and as powerful as Too Faced to pull this shit is disgusting. If this were my brand I would not rest until this situation was made right. Who cares what Jeffree said, who cares what’s in Nikki’s contract. I would not rest until I responded to each comment criticizing my questionable business practices. I would not rest until I apologized for my behavior and made my company fully transparent. I would not rest until I could be guaranteed all my unhappy customers were happy again.


Deleting comments of legitimate concern and blocking the users who express said concern is underhanded and manipulative and for that I will never purchase another item from this brand again.


And I suggest you don’t either.


TL;DR Too Faced practices poor business ethics.


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