Depression · Personal


Hello hello, c-can you hear me?


Sorry if I disappeared. I have been so depressed, I’ve pretty much lost the will to do anything but play World of Warcraft in my jammies after I get home from work each day.


Work is hectic. We’re at a busy time where everything is picking up and sometimes I feel stretched too thin. WoW is that escape for me.


I do have posts that are scheduled. I promise I haven’t abandoned you.


Or this.


Or me.


Tell me something nice that happened to you last week. Or a week back. You know, over time time I’ve been gone.


But hey, it’s getting better (man).


2 thoughts on “Hello

  1. For whatever reason, your posts don’t show up in my reader or I would have commented sooner. *beats WP to a bloody pulp*

    Anyways! What song are you quoting here? At first I thought it was Hey You or Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd and then I thought it was Hello by Poe. (Obvs way off, lol.) As to something good that has happened… Uhhh… My electric bill has been generously paid by a non-profit, so now I won’t be shut off when I can’t pay on Friday. That made me warm and tingly with happiness and I’m eternally grateful they were able to help.

    I’m glad you have WoW to help take the edge off. I hope the fog lifts for you soon. xoxo

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    1. I actually was quoting a whole hodge podge of songs, the title wasn’t a song itself but the first line was from Without You by Lana Del Rey. The last line is shamelessly pulled from Oasis. 😀

      That is so frickin’ weird. I think Bloglovin’ sends you updates when I post, not sure though. I wonder why WordPress decided to be special. :/

      Aah! That’s awesome about your electric bill! One less worry on your mind. 😀 I know I would be thrilled.

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