So I mentioned I started wearing makeup when I turned 15.


My first foundation was a greasy liquid called Clean Makeup by CoverGirl. You may remember it. It looked like this.




I don’t remember what shade I was, probably classic ivory. My mom and I didn’t know how to match foundation to my skin tone so I just got the same shade she wore.


(Seriously, that foundation is awful.)


I used it until I was 20 because I didn’t know better. At that point, I began looking for my Holy Grail.


I cycled through a lot of brands. MAC, BareMinerals, MAC again, Kat Von D, L’Oreal, Too Faced…a lot of brands. And I heard about Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk foundation, but it came with a price that I couldn’t justify.


Besides, what is LUMINOUS? Just a buzz word, am I right? Who really knows what that MEANS?


Well I found out after I finally bought a bottle of this coveted stuff.


Like, there is a reason why this is raved about amongst real MUAs and beauty gurus on YouTube.


(I should preface this and say that I’m not writing a review, I’m just writing my opinion. If you came for swatches, I’m really sorry but you’ll have to use Google.)


All my life I have been looking for a natural foundation that also makes me look dewy as fuck. Whatever that means. A natural foundation that blended seamlessly into my skin and that didn’t settle into my fine lines and my pores. OH AND IT HAD TO BE FULL COVERAGE BECAUSE ADULT ACNE.


And guys.


Hear me out.


This stuff is the shit.


It looks natural. It blends seamlessly into my skin. It DOESN’T settle into my fine lines and pores. And it’s full coverage! It’s a miracle!


And it’s only $64!


(I did actually spend that much on foundation.)


True story. The first time I applied this magical product to my skin I actually screamed, “OH MY GOD IT’S SO LUMINOUS!” and The Male somewhere in another room said, “What?”


I don’t know what’s in it. Unicorn pee I think. But no, blend it onto your skin with a BeautyBlender or a boob insert or whatever it is you want to use and your skin sparkles. But there’s no sparkle IN this product. It’s just pure perfection.


It’s become my Holy Grail.


I can’t FATHOM using anything else.


So does it intrigue you? Are you scared of the price point? Here’s something you can do.


Find out if your Sephora is carrying this product in-store and ask for a sample (because Sephora carries it online but not in all their stores). If you like it do what us poor folk do and set a little bit of money aside each month for splurges. And then do what Tom Haverford does and TREAT YO’SELF.


(Literally, when I die I want the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation to be applied to my corpse so I look alive in my casket. And dewy.)


Beauty Fridays, you guys!


5 thoughts on “Godzillionaire

    1. Go to Sephora’s site and look up the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation. Then enter your ZIP, it should tell you if the store is carrying it! I highly recommend samples because finding your shade online is a bit daunting. For example, I’m a 2. However, with my skin being as it is I SHOULD be a 3.75. Thankfully, I did my research and found out 3.75 is just way too pink for me.

      But once you have this foundation you will wonder how you lived without it. The bottle holds a lot of product too so you’ll be using it for a long time!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. GOOD TO KNOW! I will for sure look it up! I’m sure I’m the palest shade to EVER exist. 😉 Thank you!!!


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