Depression · Personal

Back to Black

So you’re at the beach.


It’s a beautiful day. The sun is shining and the seagulls have managed to stay away from your ice cream. You decide that you want to dip a toe into the sparkling blue ocean. So you get up, and you step into the water. It feels nice.


You tread further because hey, a dip sounds nice. You’ve adjusted to the cool water and it feels comfortable. Inviting. You dive in.


Meanwhile, the clouds are beginning to roll in and the water is beginning to churn. But you don’t notice it. You don’t notice the angry black sky, you don’t notice that the beach is miles away. You dive deeper and deeper. You feel fine.


And then your lungs begin to burn. You know you need to come up for air. But when you try to breach the surface you quickly discover that you can’t. The surface never comes. It’s water. Water above, water below. You fight for air, you fight against the crashing waves, but you can’t come up.


And when you finally do come up, a 30 foot wave is about to descend over you.


That’s depression.


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