A Sort Of Homecoming

So I might as well write something. Even if that something is boring. But can I be honest for a second? First posts are NEVER good. I mean, what does a “blogger” even do? Just jump right in? I can’t fathom it. I CAN’T FATHOM IT.


So anyway. Hi. My name is Sarah; I’m sure I’ll go into more depth later as this thing evolves (sarcasm). This isn’t my first blog and it probably isn’t going to be my last. I mean, I thought my last blog was going to be my last (rip but then I got bored and spent $99 on a new domain.


No big deal, it was a tax return gift to myself. It’s the only way I buy nice things. That, and on credit.


(That was a joke.)


This isn’t going to be a niche blog, but this isn’t going to be a 2005 LiveJournal-esque nightmare either. What I envision is a golden space for me to post poignant essays about life through the eyes of an anxiety-ridden Millennial as she attempts to navigate the ups and downs of adulthood – you know, something that everyone but Millennials will hate – but in all honesty I’ll post garbage. Steaming garbage. Something that everyone including Millennials will hate.


I’m kind of a pro at that.


WHAT I AM TRYING TO CONVEY is this isn’t going to be a blog with a theme. I found that themes and I don’t mesh. This is my writing project and I’m the captain of this sinking ship. So all aboard, I can’t promise we won’t hit a few icebergs along the way.


Except I promise that when this ship finally tanks, I’ll have room for all of us on the floating door.




Too soon?


5 thoughts on “A Sort Of Homecoming

  1. Too soon, man. Too soon!

    But, honestly, you know, I’ve always wondered how exactly other bloggers write their first blog posts myself but I think this is the perfect way to start a new blog! I think the themeless-style blog is more flexible. 🙂

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    1. Girl that movie came out in 1995.

      I was looking at some of my favorite blogs – all beauty ofc – to see how they introduced their blogs to the world and they just seemed to jump in. IF I could find their first posts. It’s not as easy as it was in the LiveJournal days. But I felt this was good. Gives you a feeling of anticipation. 😉

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      1. STOP! My heart can’t go on!

        Oh man. HOW DO THEY DO IT!? But seriously though, it was a very good anticipatory first post. 15/10 would recommend. 😀

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  2. New follower here and I literally just got done reading your posts from newest to this very last (or first) post. Yours is the exact kind of content I want to read and I’m so glad I stumbled on your blog while I was checking out the childless tag on WP.

    We seem to have a lot in common and I’m excited to read your future posts. xoxo

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